• This is a really easy starter that is a little bit different. Slice the beetroot, prepare the goats cheese stuffing and make the rocket pesto in advance to make it stress free when you come to serving. If you’re not keen on chestnuts, experiment with other ingredients, lightly toasted pine nuts would work really well. Just pick something that would create a little bit of texture within the dish.

  • Beetroot and horseradish is a classic combination that sits perfectly with salmon. The colours are vibrant, almost festive looking as a tribute to Christmas past. To stick to your healthy New Year's resolutions, use low fat creme fraiche, remove the skin from the salmon and only use a tiny bit of oil on the rocket.

  • Both beetroot and rocket are grown in England at this time of year, so this is a perfectly seasonal salad. It is great as a simple starter, or alternatively, make a large serving and have it as an accompaniment with grilled meat (we’re a bit past the BBQ season, but it'll be great next summer too!).

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