• I first saw pasta with herbs rolled into it in a restaurant and thought it was a fantastic way of both infusing pasta with flavour and making it look stunning. To showcase the extra effort that you’ve put into it, you want to make sure that you can see the lovely herbs within the pasta in the finished dish. That said, don’t hide the pasta under a tomato sauce, use a light creamy sauce like this recipe, or perhaps a sage butter if you’re using the herby pasta for ravioli.

  • There is a huge amount of flavour packed into this recipe with every element really playing its part. If you’re not usually keen on one of the ingredients, maybe capers or anchovies, don’t be put off. In the end there isn’t one taste that comes through, it’s the combination that really makes it.

  • This was inspired by something similar that was on Masterchef the Professionals. On the programme, the two ways were seared and carpaccio. I’ve decided to go with seared and a spicy tartare because the textures and flavours work really well together. The piquant tartare and the meaty seared tuna make for a very satisfying mouthful.

  • These homemade fishcakes taste completely different to the shop bought version. They are soft and flavoursome, and the best part is that you can create any combination you fancy. This salmon recipe is pretty classic, but it can be adapted into something a little bit different if, for example, you replace the salmon with smoked mackerel or perhaps spice things up with some chili.

  • Cooking and serving scallops in their shells is not only an easy, no-fuss option, but it also looks great on the plate. You can get hold of scallop shells very easily, just ask at your supermarket's fish counter. This recipe includes some strong flavours, but (and I was surprised) the scallop still shines through. Steaming scallops gives a texture that suits the oriental theme.

  • There's something particularly satisfying about starting with broad beans in their pods and, through a little TLC, ending up with the vibrantly green, tender innards that are so delicious at this time of year. Sea bass is also in its prime at the moment, so this recipe is a match made in a summery heaven.

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