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  • Spring is well and truly here and lamb is perfectly in season. When it’s lovely and warm outside you don’t necessarily want a full on roast, so use your lamb to make some griddled skewers and serve with couscous to make a lovely and fresh dish.

  • I first saw pasta with herbs rolled into it in a restaurant and thought it was a fantastic way of both infusing pasta with flavour and making it look stunning. To showcase the extra effort that you’ve put into it, you want to make sure that you can see the lovely herbs within the pasta in the finished dish. That said, don’t hide the pasta under a tomato sauce, use a light creamy sauce like this recipe, or perhaps a sage butter if you’re using the herby pasta for ravioli.

  • Chorizo adds flare wherever it’s used. Its unctuous red colour spreads through an entire dish and its flavour packs a punch. In this stew it really shows off. The piquant paprika is balanced beautifully by the sweet tomatoes and the textures of the chickpeas and little cubes of chorizo make for a really satisfying dish. Cod is the perfect accompaniment and looks very appetising placed on top of a steaming bowlful of the stew. But don’t be shy, the best way to eat it is to give it all a big mix so the pieces flake off into the sauce.

  • Beetroot and horseradish is a classic combination that sits perfectly with salmon. The colours are vibrant, almost festive looking as a tribute to Christmas past. To stick to your healthy New Year's resolutions, use low fat creme fraiche, remove the skin from the salmon and only use a tiny bit of oil on the rocket.

  • This recipe gets a fresh kick from the tomatoes and is low in fat as it’s baked rather that fried so is a great option to help with your January health kick. Make sure you get lean ham, a thick slice from behind the deli counter will mean that you can cut out any fat and add nice chunks to the dish. If you’re really watching the fat content, just use one egg yolk and two egg whites. As you can tell by the fact that it only has four ingredients, it's as simple as anything to make as well.

  • This is leftover heaven from a weekend of cooking and just what is needed in this cold weather. Finish it off with whatever cheese you have sitting in the fridge, I was greedy and did the double with mozzarella and parmesan.

  • I first saw this recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website and thought it looked delicious, and it is! Make sure you pack flavour into your leeks and butterbeans with the white wine, thyme and seasoning. It is then a perfect accompaniment for the rare beef. Roasting some little tomatoes to serve on top adds a good splash of colour and the sweet acidity of the tomatoes balances the creaminess of the leeks and butterbeans perfectly.

  • I’m a big fan of pulses at the moment, the only thing that is essential is that they are packed full of flavour. Accompanying meat or fish with spicy lentils, or this quick and easy cassoulet adds a different texture and instant moisture to a dish. For the best of both worlds, make some crispy roast potatoes as well to soak up some of the lovely juice from the cassoulet, then everyone is happy.

  • This is another great dish for this time of year, with scallops and butternut squash both being in season in the UK. This can be made into quite a fancy looking dinner party dish if you go all out with the scallops, roasted butternut squash and crispy sage leaves, as per the recipes below. If you’re feeling more in the mood for something homely, forget the scallops and just make a big bowl of the risotto, and grate lashings of parmesan over the top.

  • Ratatouille is such an easy and versatile vegetarian dish. Always make up a big batch, then freeze it in portion sizes, it tastes just as good when it’s been defrosted. Ratatouille is usually a side dish, but this recipe has it as the star. Serve this with some crusty bread if you need a bit of extra ballast.

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