• Serving raw fish is pretty scary, but overcome the fear as raw fish dishes such as this tartare or perhaps a carpaccio or ceviche are delicious. It is essential that you get really good quality, super-fresh fish. You can tell if it will be ok to eat raw if it smells of the sea, not fishy. Also check that the flesh is bright and almost translucent, not opaque.

  • I first experienced this variation on a classic in a restaurant. At the time I was actually slightly disappointed. I thought the smooth and silky texture was wonderful but the flavour was too subtle, especially when compared to the hummus we are so used to. So I experimented, and found that copious amounts of roasted garlic and a drop of sesame oil gives it a smoky depth that makes it a very satisfying alternative.

  • Cooking and serving scallops in their shells is not only an easy, no-fuss option, but it also looks great on the plate. You can get hold of scallop shells very easily, just ask at your supermarket's fish counter. This recipe includes some strong flavours, but (and I was surprised) the scallop still shines through. Steaming scallops gives a texture that suits the oriental theme.

  • If you buy a good piece of fillet steak, without too much marbling, one of the best ways to eat it is lightly seared and thinly sliced. The beef is marinated beforehand to add a depth of flavour and to allow it to stand up to the sharp sweetness of the tomatoes and peppery rocket. This salad combines many bold ingredients to produce an elegant, tasty dish.

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