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Foodspotting - new iPhone app - snap away! | townfood - recipes, restaurant reviews and food news

Foodspotting - new iPhone app - snap away!

Ever wanted to see a picture of a restaurant’s food before you order, or even visit? If so, Foodspotting grants your wish. This website (now also an iPhone app) brings together a community of foodies who photograph what they have ordered, then post their pictures onto Foodspotting.com for all to see.

On the website and within the app you can search the site by type of food, location of restaurant, or the person that has made the post – it is surprisingly addictive. I ended up spending quite a bit of time having a good look through posts of places I have been to and those I'd like to go to. The pictures that are posted are of varying quality. In some you can’t really tell pizza from potato, but others make the food look great.

Users can nominate photos as a ‘great shot’ or ‘great find’ and indicate whether they ‘want it’. You can build up your street cred on the site by having your photos nominated. I then got a little lost with all the other possibilities, including ‘tips’ and ‘champions’, but I’m sure it’s straightforward once you sign up.

It is certainly fun to look through, but would I ever use this site to assist with a decision of where to eat, or what to eat once at a restaurant? I’m not sure, part of the fun of eating out is having something placed in front of you that you haven’t seen before - your first impression of the dish can really enhance the overall experience. Then again, it can be very disappointing too…

Another thought did occur to me, I wonder how many people ended up dropping their iPhone into their food in the process of taking a picture? Perhaps people don't find their iPhone as slippery as I do though.

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