Apple, raisin and cinnamon bircher muesli


This is a fantastic breakfast as it contains oats that provide you with sustainable, slow-release energy that will keep you feeling full until lunch-time. It also has at least a portion of fruit in it so will help you to achieve your five-a-day. Experiment with combinations so that you don’t get bored of the same thing each morning, crushed bananas work particularly well instead of the grated apple. If you need to sweeten it use honey as opposed to sugar as this natural alternative won’t give you so much of a sugar rush. You need to soak the oats overnight so make sure you remember to prepare this in the evening.


1 small apple
20mlapple juice
3tbsplow fat natural yoghurt
1tspsunflower seeds
1⁄4tspground cinnamon


Prep time10 minutes
Tagsbreakfast bircher muesli oats raisins


Grate your apple using a fine grater. Make sure that you don’t lose the juice that comes out while grating.

Mix the grated apple and the juice that has come out with the oats. Then add as much extra apple juice that is needed to make the oats wet, but don’t drown them.

Add the yoghurt to the oats, mix well, then refrigerate overnight so that the oats become soft.

The next morning add the cinnamon, raisins, seeds, a bit honey if needed and enjoy!