Recipease, 48-50 St John's Hill, SW11

Battersea was home to the first London Recipease shop, café and cookery school. It’s a great place to browse, if slightly dangerous, as all of the kitchen equipment looks like it will make you a better cook, and if not, it will definitely make your kitchen look the part. Because of this appeal I’d dropped in many times and always caught a glimpse of the lessons happening in the back and thought it looked fun, and fun it is!


We chose to go for the Mexican street food course, which turned out to be extremely popular and required some very quick-off-the-mark booking to secure our 8pm Friday night slot. They tend to release dates about a month in advance so it is worth checking the site quite often if you’re looking for one of the peak weekend or after work times.


On arrival we were issued with our Recipease apron and then offered a drink, all very sociable. We then had an intro from the chef who was leading the session, a very bubbly lady with a good few Jamie Oliverisms in her vocabulary. At lightening pace we were shown how to make a chipotle rub for the chicken and a marinate for the ceviche. We were then taken through all the ingredients for the salsa verde. We were also given a crash course in using an induction hob and a sharp knife. Then we were set loose on our own work stations which surrounded the central area. So in our twos we started preparing our Mexican feast.


Help was always on hand, in addition to the main chef there was a helper who made sure we were on track. There were also regular updates shouted out from the centre to make sure we were getting our timings right. Half way through we all came together for another quick demonstration on how to make the tortillas, which we quickly got to work on.


It was very hands on, we prepared our entire meal ourselves, as you would expect I suppose. Our feast consisted of a fiery fish ceviche, a chipotle chicken taco, a Jamie Oliver take on salsa verde and the little fluffy tortillas, and it was delicious. Once you’ve finished cooking and presented the food on your board you sit down and eat it with your fellow cooks. Again, all very sociable.